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For over twenty five years, James Aitken has advised many of the world's most sophisticated investors. Discover why they trust him.

James Aitken

May we be less wrong


What do you get if you combine relentless curiosity, relentless reading, and relentless listening with an extraordinary network of contacts, an extraordinary memory, and an extraordinary pair of pale blue moccasins? The unique insights and colours of James Aitken. An invaluable guide to anyone trying to navigate the future of our complex world.

Henry Maxey

Chief Investment Officer, Ruffer LLP

Always avoiding the comfort of conventional wisdom and the safety of momentum trades, James has been humbly and relentlessly following the money for decades. He digs deep through plumbing as diverse as SIV liquidity, euro clearing and SFDR so we can better understand how finance works, when it’s failing, and where it’s going.

Mark Carney

Vice Chair of Brookfield Asset Management, former Governor of The Bank of Canada, and The Bank of England

Redefining Market Analysis

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